︎TITLE: Hawkins Upside Down Stranger Things Concept
︎CLIENT: Self-Initiated

︎THE IDEA: In a world where brands and agencies are poisoning the well, and good will of the public with lazy experiences lacking gameplay, thrills, and high quality graphics we wanted to create an aspirational VR project based on a popular IP.

︎THE MANDATE: We gave ourselves 2 weeks of time, and practically zero budget for hard costs to create a realistic looking, short form, VR experience that speaks to the brand of Netflix's Stranger Things.

︎THE COOL PART: Our team created a virtual recreation of the Byers household from Stranger Things to explore both during the day, and at night inside the Upside Down. At the end of the experience, the player comes face to face with the ultimate enemy in the menacing Mind Flayer. We used a variety of VO, and music from the TV series to add to the atmosphere of the project, and ground players in the world they've come to know and love over the last few years.

The project came together just as expected and set a high bar for ourselves moving forward in terms of what can be accomplished in quick sprints. As fans of the IP - this is a project that we're looking forward to expanding into in-home, location-based, and headless activations.


︎Unreal Engine
︎Adobe Substance
︎Autodesk Revit
︎Autodesk 3DS Max
︎Autodesk Maya
︎HTC Vive Pro
︎THE IMPACT: A number of clients, brands, and agencies have seen the work on display and are engaging Viewport Interactive to deliver projects based on their own IP. Lackluster projects that cost millions of dollars to develop in short time spans don't have to be the way forward, and we're seeking to change the paradigm of what branded, free experiences both look, and play like.