︎TITLE: Drizzy Manor
︎CLIENT: Self-Initiated (As OPIATS)

︎THE IDEA: Drizzy Manor was a self-directed publicity piece meant to introduce our VR development and architectural visualization company (Named OPIATS, at the time) to the world, in a space that was crowded. The project was meant to captivate the attention of the public, and bring one of the biggest musicians in the world into the next generation by incorporating Virtual Reality.

︎THE MANDATE: Drizzy Manor was meant to capture the attention of the press, drive traffic to the official OPIATS site, and create partnerships and relationships with various tech companies and brands that wanted to integrate Hollywood/the music industry, with emerging technology.

︎THE COOL PART: BBC had initially leaked the floor plans of Drake's new mansion in Toronto's prestigious Bridle Path neighborhood. This leak led to the initial build out of the space in 3D as a dollhouse project for tech real estate company BuzzBuzz Home.

Once that project failed to deliver any buzz, we took it upon ourselves to re-imagine the project as a VR play, and bring the project to life in a way that fans could get a real sense of the scale and grandeur of Drake's home.


︎Unreal Engine
︎Adobe Substance
︎Autodesk Revit
︎Autodesk 3DS Max
︎HTC Vive 
︎THE IMPACT: Drizzy Manor ended up breaking the internet and getting viral traffic that any brand would kill for. Major theatre chains, PC hardware companies, chipset manufacturers and emerging technology companies wanted integration into the product, to be showcased on the world stage.

In the first three days the teaser site - consisting of just a trailer showing a flythrough of the virtual house, garnered over a million views in the first few days, with over 10 million lifetime views before the site came down a few months later. The project received coverage from Polygon, one of the biggest gaming sites on the internet, TeenVogue, Esquire, GQ, and Complex, among others.